Be Unstoppable

Welcome to Hiruko

Founded in 2005, Hiruko is a well-being micro school for children, teens and adults that operates online and offline. Our Healing Martial Arts™ flagship program uses healing and martial arts principles to teach you how to be powerful, confident, healthy and safe, no matter how old you are. 

Our HMA™ program is where you build sustainable wellness habits with consistency while learning and having fun.

We believe that behind every thriving child is a thriving adult, family, school and community. Movement, mindfulness, and confidence building are our zones of genius.

Our Journey

Our passion to transform children’s lives began in 2003. We did a research project to find out what parents, children, educators, and health care providers would like to see more of in our communities.

Know Thyself

Turns out that being Unstoppable requires a commitment to wellness and well-being. This is true for kids and for adults. At Hiruko we emphasize these six key wellness areas for every service that we offer.

Hiruko Member Love

“When I leave class I feel more relaxed and grounded and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to do things I had assumed were too difficult for me.” Find out what they are saying about their experiences.