Our students report overall positive results in the following areas:
  • Focus, concentration, and self-discipline during mental and physical activities including school, sports, and work
  • Belief in self or ability to show and project self-confidence
  • Sense of pride in accomplishments and increased self-esteem
  • Feeling stronger and healthier, resourcefulness in ability to manage stress and negative emotions with calm and grace, ability to cope
  • A sense of joy and fun from participating in physical movement/sports, games, and team activities
  • Feeling connected to others, excitement to contribute to community
Tuition Fees

Healing Martial Arts™  (HMA)

Introductory Course (required for ages 4.5 and up)$49.00
HMA 6 Months (Shortest Program)$193/month
HMA 12 Months$183/month
Annual Membership Fees (HMA Programs)$70/year
Family Membership Fees (three or more family members)$160/year
HMA Belt Graduations (Depends on Level)$20-55/belt
Sibling Discount (HMA Programs)10%

Cardio KickBoxing

Drop In

10 Class Pass (valid for three consecutive months)


Hiruko also offers workshops, seminars and special classes that vary in length from two hours to a eight weeks. Please note the special pricing on these events when flyers become available.

Hiruko Membership Fees
The annual membership fees cover a portion of the operational expenses related to running our brick and mortar location.

Sliding Scale Tuition Assistance Program
Update: Hiruko is currently not offering tuition assistance to new incoming students. In the past, Hiruko has offered financial assistance for a small number of students participating in the HMA program.  The minimum monthly payment varies by case, and it cannot be lower than $125/month. To qualify for Sliding Scale Tuition, participants must provide detailed financial statements and be willing and able to volunteer time and expertise to enrich the Hiruko community experience. Participant’s qualification  is evaluated every three months.