Get started with Healing Martial Arts™ in three easy steps

Step 1: Schedule your Introductory Course first private class.

The Introductory Course is the only way to “try out” our flagship HMA™ program. It consists of one private (or semiprivate), 30 minute class (needs to be scheduled) and one 45 minute group class (during regular group class). Schedule your first private of the Introductory Course here.

Step 2: Complete your private class

The private class is 30 minutes long. Please arrive ten minutes early wearing regular comfortable clothes. The private class will teach you everything you need to know to feel successful and happy during your group class. For younger participants, we also use this time to assess their readiness for group classes. At the end of the private, the instructor makes a recommendation for the best next steps.

Step 3: Complete one group class.

Come in and try out one group class during our regularly scheduled classes for beginners. Beginners start at white belt. After you complete the Intro Course you may enroll in our HMA™ program.

Have questions about the program or not sure how or if it will support your kids or you? We’ve compiled our most frequently asked questions here.