How did Hiruko start?

In 2003, driven by our passion to transform children’s lives, we did a research project to find out what parents, children, educators, and health care providers would like to see more of in our communities. We asked people to dream big and dare to be bold, to think of ideal and non-existent services that would add value to their lives. We found that …

… Parents worried about the increasing levels of stress from school and competitive sports, and wanted their children to learn how to handle pressure from expectations and from peers. They hoped their children would grow up to be confident, healthy, connected, compassionate, happy, and unstoppable. Parents were looking for transformative activities and experiences for their children that would generate these results.

… Educators and health care providers hoped that coping skills, which enable children to manage stress and pressure situations, would become an essential and required component of the educational experience, next to basic health and wellness principles. Overall, they wanted to see places in our communities where all kids can learn how to be and stay well, where they feel supported, encouraged, and where they can be experience the feeling of being “successful”.

Hiruko was created in response to these concerns and dreams.