Our work is rooted in the belief that a complete state of well-being requires more than physical health. The Hiruko Wellness Model is the framework for our contribution in the world. It identifies  six different key areas that cultivate and support vitality.

Physical – Having awareness of our body’s potential. Believing in our body’s ability to move, react, and heal. Showing awareness of self in space and time.

Mental — Bringing the heart’s and the mind’s collective focus to any chosen action at will.

Social — Cultivating integrity in each of our encounters with others and with ourselves.

Emotional — Working in concert with each of our feelings to discover ourselves and to generate the outcomes we seek.

Creative — Generating new thoughts that energize and inspire us and direct our energy into free and fulfilling expression of self and of ideas.
— Having an authentic sense of identity and purpose. Feeling connected to people and to humanity.