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We offer Taekwondo classes for children, teens and adults, but we are so much more. At Hiruko we show you how to be Unstoppable no matter how old you are, and how much time you have. 

Check out our “on the mat” training if you are looking for a committed class, you want to emphasize consistency, and love to learn in person and with a team. Also, take a look at our “off the mat” training, emphasizing healing arts and contemplation. If you dream of being like a black belt but have no time for consistent training, this area is for you.

Our Journey

Our passion to transform children’s lives began in 2003. We did a research project to find out what parents, children, educators, and health care providers would like to see more of in our communities.

Know Thyself

Turns out that being Unstoppable requires a commitment to wellness and well-being. This is true for kids and for adults. At Hiruko we emphasize these six key wellness areas for every service that we offer.

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“When I leave class I feel more relaxed and grounded and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to do things I had assumed were too difficult for me.” Find out what they are saying about their experiences.

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